Biography of Dinesh Kumar (Happy)

Professional Details

Profession Business, Software Engineering, Computer Science
Founder Happy Software International
Languages Punjabi, Hindi, English
Clients World-Wide
Business E-mail
Brand Happy
Vision New Technologies
First Resigtered Company/Firm October 2018
Designation Director
The idea of Happy Software International came in the mind of Dinesh Kumar(Happy) in 2018. He was thinking to register first company and looking for a brand, Which would be suitable, easy to pronounce, People of the world must understand that brand .. fit for Dinesh Kumar(Happy.) He was thinking for years but succeeded in 2018.

First was brand, because there will be more companies from same brand. It was much necessary that brand must be 100% suitable and easy to pronounce. It was also important that there would be no plagiarism. Then Dinesh decided that his nick name is Happy. Everyone calls him Happy in locality. He has nick name Happy from 1991. Then Dinesh selected brand name will be Happy.

A brand logo was much necessary. Dinesh Kumar (Happy) created logo in the end of 2017 at Bathida, Punjab. When was improving his software and graphic skills and learning how to accept and deliver work from international clients with his frined Gurjeet in his Trade Mark Firm. Sharpen Solutions. Now this logo will be used for every company which will be registered in future from Happy.

Then Happy would be brand, and we were doing software work, and work was coming from international clients. So first registered company in 2018 is Happy + Software + International (Happy Software International).

Personal Details

Name Dinesh Kumar
Nick Name Happy
Age 31 Yrs, 4 Months
Date of Birth December 25, 1990
Birth Place Una, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA
Parental - Home Bhanam, Anandpur Shaib, Punjab, INDIA
Veg or Non-Veg Veg
Marital Status Single
Girlfriends & Affairs Never
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Ascendant Capricorn
Descendant Bhai Gangu Shah - Baba Jawahar Singh


Father Sham Lal
Mother Prem Lata
Brother Parveen Kumar
Dinesh Kumar (Happy) has a nuclear family. Four members in the family:- Father, Mother, Younger Brother, Himself

Physical Status

Height 5 Feet 5 Inches, 1.6764 Meter
Body Type Athletic Slim
Complexion Light Normal
Happy is very much hardworking and has a great knowledge about physical educations. He is very much experienced in warm up, stretching, yoga. He is a very agile man. When he was 17 years old...
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he was doing exercises, warm up, yoga 10 hours a day excluding breaks. For doing 10 hours exercises excluding breaks took years of practice to reach this level. Morning 5 am to 11 pm time was scheduled. This experience helped a lot when happy had to work more than 10 hours at the job. when reached 25 years one thing left that happy did not do 1000 squats in a day. Then completed 1000 squats in a day.

Happy can easily maintain workload now a days. Somedays he had to do 2 days work in a single day. Previous experience helped a lot to maintain workload.


Weather Cold
Food Veg Curry & Fulka Roti
Music Punjabi
Sports Cricket, WWE

Religious Point of View

Religious View Theist
Guru Guru Granth Shaib
Spiritual Guide Baba Ishar Singh (Rara Shaib)
Influential Personality Guru Nanak Dev
Dinesh Kumar (Happy) is a religious persons. He respects all the religions. He has a strong believe in Almight GOD. He has friends and colleagues Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christan from all religions. First lesson of life studied in school was Guru Nanak Dev Ji. So Guru Nanak Dev has great influeced in Dinesh Kumar's (happy) life.